Products Overview

The KISSS (Capillary Irrigation Sub-Surface System) offers revolutionary product solutions for your irrigation needs:

Potable water source: 

Below Flow Flat (BFF)

The most efficient of all KISSS products and suitable for most irrigation installations. BFF delivers water straight to the root zone. Uniform wetting ensures that minimal amounts of water are lost to evaporation, surface runoff and deep drainage. KISSS Below Flow Flat acts as a powerful, non-chemical deterrent to roots entering, and blocking emitters.



Below Flow Wrap (BFW)

Recommended when installation of BFF is unsuitable. BFW can be used around tight corners, uneven terrain and in small backyards.


Recycled water source

KISSS Safety Flow products are designed specifically for use with recycled water. KISSS' below ground delivery is the safer way of irrigating with recycled water.


Safety Flow Flat (SFF)

A Premium product designed for irrigation with recycledwater. SFF minimises the risk of contamination and surface run off, reducing human health and environmental risks. 


Safety Flow Wrap (SFW)

For use with recycled water where SFF is unsuitable.  It can be used on tight corners, varied gradients or in small backyards.