Create Healthy Turf Using Less Water

KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation is the new generation irrigation technology providing intelligent water saving solutions for recreational spaces and sporting fields.



How Does KISSS Irrigation Work?

KISSS is the only irrigation system designed specifically for use underground. KISSS moves water upwards and outwards to the root zone at the soils natural absorption rate, effectively wetting large areas of soil. KISSS controls the flow of water to dry soil when saturation occurs, resulting in a uniform wetting pattern.

KISSS is green technology, reducing surface run off and water logging, making it the perfect solution for drought conditions and where the water supply is limited or expensive.

KISSS Wetting Pattern


Benefits of KISSS

  • Uses up to 60% less water than sprinkler systems
  • Recycled or greywater can be safely used
  • Sporting fields and recreational spaces can be used during  irrigation
  • Vandalism is reduced by sub-surface installation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Less evaporation and no water run off

 Sports Turf Soccer


The Difference Between Sub-surface KISSS and Sub-surface Drip

Conventional subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems discharge water to the soil from emitters spaced at regular intervals along a buried drip line. Each emitter acts as a point source of water, with the drip line giving rise to a series of circular wetting patterns. Ordinary sub-surface irrigation systems must be run until the driest region of soil is saturated. 

Wetting pattern comparison sub-surface KISSS to sub-surface drip

KISSS' effectively has millions of tiny emitters in every linear metre dispersing water evenly at a rate that matches the soil capillary action. This means that only a minimum volume of water is required to ensure a controlled and uniform wetting pattern. The KISSS irrigation system saves water by directing water straight to the root zone.

A number of local governments in Australia and around the world have already discovered the advantages of installing KISSS irrigation.


KISSS Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and ongoing maintenance is crucial to the peak performance of KISSS technology.

While installing KISSS is relatively straight-forward for both retro-fitting installations and new ground projects, Irrigation and Water Technologies recommends that an irrigation specialist installs the product.  Retro-fitting will require trenching. With correct maintenance the turf recovers well.


Customer Success Story

KISSS Installation Cessnock Hornets Football Club

Cessnock Hornets Football Club

One of Australia's foundation soccer clubs, Cessnock Hornets Football Club ,recently installed KISSS in their A-grade football pitch to meet the demands of a limited water supply available to maintain a top-grade itch. The Club is pleased with the results, "we really noticed a significant difference. It's so much greener where the KISSS system is installed compared to where we've used sprinklers", Club President Nev Chapman noted.

The Club were also surprised by the increased availability of the field. Unlike sprinkler irrigation, players can use the field during irrigation as KISSS is installed under the surface and the surface remains dry. Groundsman Woz comments, "we're irrigating while the boys are out there playing!".