KISSS is a unique sub-surface drip textile irrigation system used by vineyards to save water and manage irrigation more efficiently.

How Does KISSS Work?

KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation offers an innovative, water saving solution for vineyards around the world. Spectacular results have already been enjoyed by Australian vineyards. The only system in the world designed for use underground, KISSS improves irrigation efficiency and performance by delivering water directly to the vines' root zone.  KISSS' patented design matches the capillary action of the soil to uniformly wet large areas of earth. The self-regulating system directs water to dry soil eliminating water waste and reducing tunnelling.

KISSS Wetting Pattern

By targeting the root zone, KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation precisely controls soil conditions, optimising uniform growth and reducing water wastage.  Compatible for use with recycled water, KISSS can distribute fertiliser and aerate soil and is the perfect solution for drought conditions and limited or expensive water supply. Zero surface water in the vine rows discourages weed propagation and growth, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical or physical weed control.



  • Use up to 60% less water than conventional irrigation systems
  • Reduces fertiliser costs as water neither drains away from roots or tunnels to the surface
  • Fewer weeds, lower herbicide usage and reduced labour costs
  • Chemical free inhibition of roots
  • Significant maintenance savings (less damage as it is sub-surface)
  • Less evaporation and salt build up as tunneling reduced
  • No run off


The Difference Between Sub-surface KISSS and Sub-surface Drip

Conventional subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems discharge water to the soil from emitters spaced at regular intervals along a drip line. Each emitter acts as a point source of water and gives rise to a series of circular wetting patterns.  Ordinary sub-surface irrigation systems must be run until the driest region of soil is saturated.

KISSS, in comparison, offers a targeted, ecological approach to irrigation.  Water is conserved as it is directed straight to the root zone at a speed determined by the type and capillary action of the soil. KISSS' innovative design creates a controlled and uniform wetting pattern across large areas, resulting in significant cost and environment savings. 

Wetting pattern comparison sub-surface KISSS to sub-surface drip


Installation and Maintenance of KISSS irrigation

Proper installation and ongoing maintenance is crucial to optimising the KISSS system's performance.

While installing KISSS is relatively straight forward for both retro fitting and new ground installation, Irrigation and Water Technology (IWT) recommends that an irrigation specialist installs the product. 


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