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Facts sheets, useful and important information about irrigation.


Fact Sheets

The Role of Irrigation in the Control of Turf Diseases

How irrigating turf using sub-surface irrigation instead of sprinklers will help to reduce the incidence of most of the common turf diseases. 

 IWT_FACT_SHEET_The_role_of_irrigation_in_the_control_of_turf_diseases.pdf IWT_FACT_SHEET_The_role_of_irrigation_in_the_control_of_turf_diseases.pdf (96.24 KB)


Minimising the risk of using recycled water

Public safety is paramount when disposing of, or irrigating with, recycled water. Risk levels are high when sprinklers and other surface irrigation systems are used with recycled water. This Fact Sheet explains the reasons why KISSS is the safest way to minimise the risks associated with using recycled water.

 IWT_FACT_SHEET_Minimising_the_risk_from_using_recycled_water.pdf IWT_FACT_SHEET_Minimising_the_risk_from_using_recycled_water.pdf (218.48 KB) 


Residential Documents

Documents to assist with KISSS residential installations.

 Residential_Spacing_Guidelines.pdf Residential_Spacing_Guidelines.pdf (175.84 KB)

 Brochure_Residential.pdf Brochure_Residential.pdf (347.92 KB)



 KISSS_brochure_turf.pdf KISSS_brochure_turf.pdf (319.13 KB)

 KISSS_brochure_agriculture.pdf KISSS_brochure_agriculture.pdf (232.21 KB)

 KISSS_brochure_residential.pdf KISSS_brochure_residential.pdf (347.92 KB)

 KISSS_brochure_vineyard.pdf KISSS_brochure_vineyard.pdf (256.52 KB)


Other Useful Documents

KISSS Product Warranty

 Warranty_KISSS_Product.pdf Warranty_KISSS_Product.pdf (96.46 KB)

 IWT_Root_Intrusion_Deterrent_Statement_January_2009.pdf IWT_Root_Intrusion_Deterrent_Statement_January_2009.pdf (82.50 KB)