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KISSS Green Roof Testimonial: Willoughby Council

Robert Kerr, Parks Project Co ordinator, Willoughby Council discusses the KISSS Green Roof installed on a concrete slab on the roof of a three story car park. The site is an old ceramic factory turned residential development; the roof of the car park (which is at stret level) was turned over to council to create a green space amenity. They used the light-weight, versatile KISSS Green Roof system to create and irrigate this important green space.




The Intelligent Mr W.O.O.D (Moisture Regulated water distribution)

KISSS is the only system that discharges water to the driest part of the soil first.

This video demonstrates how water will seek out the driest soil first.





Domestic Lawn

Shows some things to consider when installing KISSS Sub-surface Textile Irrigation under a domestic lawn.





ABC's The New Inventors - 2005 and 2008

Winner of the People's Choice Award 2005

Outright Winner 2008


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